Chemotherapy Support

Dr. Luan has created a tranquil oasis of healing and hope. I came to Dr. Luan to address side effects from chemotherapy, including edema and gastrointestinal issues, but was terrified of needles. Dr. Luan interviewed me, explained how acupuncture works, and immediately put me at ease. In our interview and all of our treatment times, Dr. Luan has been insightful, compassionate and encouraging. After a few treatments, my physical symptoms reduced and I realized that the needles don't hurt or bother me at all. In addition, the anxiety reducing effects of Dr. Luan's acupuncture treatments have been as beneficial as the physical relief she has provided. I plan to continue acupuncture indefinitely, and highly recommend Dr. Luan.

MB - Princeton Junction


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Dear Dr. Luan:
You have changed my life. Never in my life did I have a normal period. I'd menstruate 3 or 4 times per year. At age 37 I came to see you for the first time. It was actually my first acupuncture visit ever. I came in with a main complaint of struggling with weight issues. You said we'd focus on the root cause first. The day after I got my period. It has been 5 years and I still menstruate monthly. I have no words to thank you enough. My only regret is not knowing you when I was younger. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was miraculous! I am a true believer of acupuncture because of you.

Thank you, Diana Seniors’


Women Health/Hot Flashes




My 80 year old mother had suffered for six months with excruciating sciatica which sometimes was so debilitating that she could not walk unaided. She was a skeptical first-time patient of acupuncture. Dr. Luan has a wonderful bedside manner and was able to reassure and encourage my Mother to give the process a chance. In a matter of 6 weeks, Mom is walking with no pain and unaided. She is like her old self with none of the discomfort that she had suffered from sciatica. We are very grateful for Dr. Luan's expertise and her kind and calm manner. We will not hesitate in the future event of a health problem to immediately reach out to her for treatment. Highly recommended

T. Vanderbilt - Monroe


Laser Treatment/Pill-Free for Anxiety

I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke some years ago. I was looking for laser treatment along with traditional acupuncture and I found myself in Dr. Luan's office. I also was looking for a way to taper down anti-anxiety drugs, which are somewhat addictive. Dr. Luan and my psychiatrist found to accomplish it. Dr. Luan followed up with acupuncture and laser for sleep. Dr. Luan also told me that watching TV in the evening excites my brain just before I go to sleep so now I'm reading in the evening, which I find quite enjoyable. I can now say that I am off the anti-anxiety drugs entirely now!


Pregnancy/Labor Support

Dr.Luan, H.K.T. has arrived. 9 pounds 13 ounces and another fast, easy labor so thank you.



After 25 years

For more than 25 years I have taken Zyrtec. I originally was put on this antihistamine because I was experiencing itching on my arms, legs, abdomen, etc. but did not have any other allergies. I took it every day or the itching became unbearable, especially the palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet. There were many attempts to wean myself off the medication with no success. I stopped taking the Zyrtec February 2, 2017 when Dr. Luan began acupuncture treatments for this condition. The first few days without this allergy medicine were a little rough; however after approximately 3 acupuncture visits, the itching became less and less and by the 6th visit, the itching stopped completely. I have not taken Zyrtec for more than one month and have no itching. Thank you Dr. Luan. It’s great to be “pill free”!



My Ears and Airplanes… a Painful Combination

I have suffered from ear pain and ear blockage while flying for over 20 years. It was not only painful but would take at least 2-3 days for my ears to open up after a flight. I tried all the usual “fixes”… swallowing, chewing gum, yawning, ear plugs; however the problem continued. I also tried taking an antihistamine prior to my flight. Nothing seemed to help and the first few days of my vacation I usually experienced talking as if I were under water or in a bubble. I mentioned to Dr. Luan that I would be leaving for vacation in a couple of weeks and the trouble I have with my ears while flying. She began acupuncture treatments to help me with this problem. I just returned from a week in the Dominican Republic and the flight going and returning were pain/blockage free. I looked at my husband and said, “ Is this how you hear all the time while flying”? I couldn’t believe it! I will definitely see Dr. Luan prior to all my flights! CMS



I started experiencing pain on my lumbar area in November 2016 and slowly getting worse each day to the point that it impedes my normal daily activities. I was unable to kneel in church, pick up things or walk at a certain distance, join my gym class without experiencing a lot of pain. I consulted different medical specialists and submitted to different types of medical tests but each one of them didn't find anything abnormal contributing to the pain. I am a registered nurse but i don't believe on putting chemical in my body where it causes unpleasant effect. I believe in alternative holistic approach of treatments. Finally i decided to seek an acupuncture treatment. After searching on the internet for an appropriate acupuncturist and reading bios and reviews i decided to choose Dr. Jennifer Luan. The decision is no brainer. Dr. Jennifer Luan is the most pleasant, friendly, professional and caring person. She made me feel comfortable and open to any discussions. Her office is like spa with soothing music. The next day after my first treatment i started feeling some relief of my back pain and it just keeps getting better each day. I did 5 treatments and my back pain is 99% if not completely healed. Thanks to Dr. Luan now I’m back to what i used to do, i can pick up my dog now who is disabled with no pain, went back to my gym classes. I got my life back. From the experience I have with acupuncture treatment I would highly recommend Dr. Jennifer Luan, she is the best .


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome :

For about a year I was experiencing pain and cramping of my thumbs and wrists. I found it difficult to hold anything for an extended time. These items include paintbrushes, small tools and even pencils while writing. I had a tendency to drop things for no reason. However, upon visiting the Princeton Medical Acupuncture Center, thanks to Dr. Jennifer Luan’s acupuncture treatments, I am once again able to perform everyday tasks and chores without the annoying discomfort and cramping in my hands. I can paint, write and open lids on jars and soft drink bottles without any problem. My gripping ability has increased and I no longer have to worry if I was going to drop something valuable or dangerous. I felt improvement after just one session and after one short month’s time I can resume the activities which were once difficult to perform. I would recommend Dr. Luan and her treatment of this condition to everyone. I only wish I found out about her sooner.

M. M.


Acute Knee Injury

On the day after Thanksgiving (Friday 11/25/16), I sprained my right knee putting up Christmas lights on bushes outside of my house…Bah Humbug! The moment that I sprained my knee, I felt immediate pain, felt swelling in the knee, and noticed a yellowish-brown bruise right on my kneecap. Not good. Thinking hopefully that this would feel better in a day or so, I elevated the knee and applied ice to it. By the next day (Saturday 11/26/16), the swelling had gotten worse, the bruise was still nasty looking, and I still felt pain while walking. So, I reached out to Dr. Luan to have her examine and hopefully offer treatment options. I had previously used Dr. Luan a few years back to help me with a very painful and debilitating sciatica nerve problem that I had experienced due to injury. After injuring myself at that time, I had gone to my regular doctor who had prescribed a muscle relaxer, and when that didn’t help, he then prescribed steroids, which also did nothing to alleviate the excruciating pain I had been experiencing. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t stand more than a few minutes at a time, and couldn’t even sleep in my bed, needing to sleep in a sitting position on a couch since that was the only position I could be in without pain. My regular doctor at that point offered no further treatment options. It was then that I tried acupuncture with Dr. Luan, and after perhaps six sessions, the pain was gone and hasn’t returned. So, with that positive experience, I again reached out to Dr. Luan to help me with my sprained knee. I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Luan on Saturday 11/26/16, and after examining the knee, she recommended Laser Therapy, instead of acupuncture, as the best treatment option for my condition. After explaining to me what Laser Therapy was, how it was applied, and the potential benefits of Laser Therapy over acupuncture, she provided treatment to my knee. Altogether, the treatment took less than 5-minutes. The treatment was painless, and I felt no discomfort at any time. Upon standing again, I noticed immediately that I was able to walk with less discomfort. For the remainder of that day and the following day (Sunday 11/27/16), I felt that the knee was slowly showing continued improvement. On Monday 11/28/16, I scheduled a second appointment with Dr. Luan to have her re-examine the knee. At that time, she noticed a significant reduction in swelling in the knee and also a reduction in the coloring of the bruise on the kneecap. A second Laser Therapy treatment was conducted at that time. Again, immediately following treatment the knee felt better. A few days after this second treatment, the pain and swelling in my knee was completely gone. Typically, after experiencing an injury, my recovery time is quite long, but this recovery time was very quick. Thank you Dr. Luan, and your very cool technology, for helping me out again!

AD - Hamilton, NJ


" Teenage Acne/Achilles Tendonitis"

I am so pleased that I have brought our fourteen year old daughter to Dr Luan for acupuncture. She developed achilles tendonitis and was having trouble even walking. She saw an orthopedist and began physical therapy but I kept hearing stories from friends about how much acupuncture had helped them. So I requested a letter from the orthopedist recommending acupuncture and our insurance agreed to cover treatments with Dr. Luan. My daughter is very afraid of needles but Dr. Luan is a pediatrician and she eased her fears. Dr. Luan is also concerned with her patient's overall health and so she began to treat my daughter’s acne on her face. In the past six weeks, not only has her tendonitis improved but her acne has cleared up as well. I highly recommend Dr. Luan to any family seeking help with their teenager’s health.

E. W. Princeton


Testamonial from Kinon (click)



Dr. Luan has worked miracles with me. I've suffered from anxiety and hormone imbalances during my menstrual cycle for most if my adult life. I've tried various treatments including medication, therapy and yoga. Nothing has compared to Dr. Luan's treatments. I have a better quality of life as a result and will be forever thankful.




On my recent visit to Dr. Luan's office I said I would like to be weaned off of the anti-depressants as well and she agreed to help me

G.S. - Princeton


Chronic Back Pain

After trying physical therapy, chiropractors and massage therapists nothing would completely get rid of my back pain and in some instances it would make the pain worse. I have scoliosis, sprained my back as a teenager and have had chronic lower back pain after the birth of my daughters. Additionally, I sit from 10-14 hours a day at my communications job. I was recommended by a coworker to try Acupuncture, and after several months of seeing minimal relief and experiencing a lot of pain in the placement of the needles, I sought out someone more qualified, covered under my insurance, and came across Dr. Luan. After only 3 intense visits I saw more progress than ever before and was not in pain as the other Acupuncturist had done in our sessions. I find the comfort of her office and the rooms conducive to healing as well as her precise expertise. When you see Dr. Luan you know you are seeing someone who knows what they are doing, as she is even certified by the state of New Jersey. I have already recommended her to anyone that has chronic back pain, and do the same in this testimonial.

Thank you again, Dr. Luan
(L.M., age 31



About 6 months ago, I hit my head on a cabinet. Afterwards, I had persistent headaches and dizziness, and had difficulty concentrating. Fearing a concussion, I went to doctor after doctor, who gave me a variety of diagnoses ranging from stress to electrolyte imbalance to mild concussion to inflamed sinuses. Finally, after doing an MRI, my neurologist concluded I had migraines. In order to combat my symptoms, she suggested I get acupuncture. After only a few sessions of acupuncture with Dr. Luan, my persistent headaches have diminished in frequency and I feel great.

S. W.


General Office Impression

"She's a super hero dr"
"It looks like a spa/ drs office the moment you walk in the door."
"This is the best drs office ever"
"You have a needle for everything"
"One day I want to work here"
"My dad needs you for his knee pain"
"My grandmom needs you, she has really bad migraines and needs to relax"
"I would rather do this than take my nasty medicine

F. H. 9 year old visitor



I was urged to go see Dr. Luan by my son and daughter-in-law who have also received acupuncture treatments. I originally went because of lower back pain. After several treatments my back was feeling better. I then asked about my feet. I was told that I have neuropathy. I was experiencing tingling, numbness and it was very difficuly to walk without pain. After several treatments, Dr. Luan was able to eliminate the numbness, and my feet now feel 90% better, I am now able to walk which means a lot. I am still in the process of treatments and I am confident Dr. Luan will continue to improve my neuropathy. I have also received treatments for memory, diabetes and overall feeling better.

The treatments are not painful and Dr. Luan is very kind and knowledgeable in her approach to your needs. I would also like to say it gives me an hour of my own time alone relaxing and listening to comforting music.



Cramps & Migraines

Good Afternoon,

I have been a patient of Dr. Luan’s for about a month. Prior to my first appointment I was so nervous about the procedure and how would I get over my phobia of needles. After timeless efforts and deep mediation. I called and made my first appointment for severe menstrual cramps and migraines. My first visit was pleasant and comfortable. I didn’t feel any discomfort and Dr. Luan walked me through the process. After my second appointment, I began to feel much better and had more energy. I have encouraged majority of my family and coworkers to research the benefits of acupuncture . I would be the first to admit I was skeptical but after two visits, my pain decreased. I am so comfortable and relaxed when I go in every week for treatment. I would recommendations this to anyone to consult with Dr. Luan. I am grateful for the improvements in my health. Sharhonda M.
Pain/Hot Flashes

I was involved in a car accident in 2012 that led to knee surgery and a year in physical therapy. Still experiencing pain and discomfort, my only other option was injections to ease the pain and accept this condition. Additionally, I injured my shoulder and surgery was a recommendation. Because of the knee surgery experience, I refused that alternative and opted for physical therapy and cortisone injections. Needless to say, I lived with chronic pain which affected my sleep and daily activities. A family member recommended bikram yoga which resulted in minimal improvement because of the frustration in balancing with overly flat feet. A friend recommended acupuncture. I was extremely skeptical and afraid of needles but desperate for change. Then, I found Dr. Luan and she changed my life! I’ve only had about six sessions and my pain has decreased tremendously. I can sleep soundly, the pain in my shoulder and knee is now minimal. Now to my surprise, hot flashes and food cravings are gone. I am a firm believer for acupuncture—it works, it changed my life. Dr. Luan is so personable, friendly, gentle and has excellent bedside manner. Whatever ailment or pain you’re experiencing please try acupuncture first and see Dr. Luan I highly recommend her.


Heel Bruise/ Plantar Fasciitis

Eleven weeks ago I took a tumble down the stairs, resulting in a small fracture of my calcaneus ( heel bruise). Despite 11 weeks on crutches, using a knee scooter and wearing a "boot" provided by and orthopedist, my foot didn't heal. In fact, I developed plantar fasciitis and a painfully tight calf.
I found Dr. Luan had a great rating on health grades so decided to give her a try. Not only did she see me right away, she really took the time to talk to me and examine my issue. After only one session, my foot was substantially better and after the 2nd I was off the crutches! Dr. Luan's combination of Eastern and Western medicine is just fantastic and her manner and care something rarely seen anymore from 'In-network" doctors. A hidden gem on Roszel Drive!

Ann M., age 52


Happiness & Joy

Dear Dr. Luan,
Thank you for your skill and compassion in treating me. While I have taken acupuncture with other
Professionals for many years, the results with you have been different and outstanding, and I would
like to share a recent example.

As you know, my acupuncture treatments recently have focused on helping me to feel more joy and happiness and address my mood, which has been affected because of the end of my marriage. Although
I have had only three or four treatments with this focus, I already feel a difference. Just last week, I had the very strong urge to play and just have fun. I decided to go on an old fashioned carousel ride! I went to Franklin Square Park in Old City Philadelphia on a work day. As I parked my car and walked to the park, I felt a lot of joy and happiness. It was a special day and I put aside all my work to feel happiness! I went to the counter to buy a ticket and the attendant looked at me and asked whether the ticket was for me. Instead of feeling shame, I said very happily, “Yes, I am taking a ride on the carousel!” I was the only adult on the carousel, and I had so much fun, so much joy! I felt giddy! The ticket taker looked at me and smiled, and I asked her to take a photo of me, which I have attached to this letter.

As you know, I am a lawyer, and very serious, maybe too serious. My marriage had been joyless, and yet, I feel that despite this, I am happy and grateful. Thank you for your compassion and great skill.

V. B. Esquire


Flashes & Hot Sweats

I came to Dr. Luan’s office with a multitude of ailments. I was suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, chronic knee pain, and a numbness and tingling sensation in both pinky fingers, My appointments were originally scheduled for twice a month. When I increased my appointments to weekly, I began to see tremendous results. I am no longer suffering from hot flashes or night sweats. For the first time in many years, I can walk up a flight of stairs without knee pain. The discomfort I felt in my fingers is gone. Dr. Luan has improved my quality of life. Dr. Luan I want to say two words…..THANK YOU.




Since I moved from very warm climate in Southern California to New Jersey a few years ago, the cold and humid weather are contributing factors which obstruct my daily function especially during fall, winter, and spring seasons. My hands and feet were ice cold regardless of routine exercises and monitored diet. There were constant shivering in warm bedding especially after sleep deprivations, even with a pair of socks on throughout the night. The more that I fought the cold and changing weather, the lesser the energy remained to sustain a positive attitude to handle the ultra high level of stress from unemployment and a dysfunctional marriage, not to mention the mission impossible needs and demands from everyone along with a growing teenage son. As time goes by, I realized my white blood count was very low compare to the side effects of chemotherapy. I decided to look for alternative health support system after years of unanswered health questions since the mainstream preventive medical advice does not effectively address blocked,insufficient qi or how to increase white blood count effectively through natural and gentle remedies without taking prescription drugs. The actual Chinese character for acupuncture, translated literally, means "acupuncture-moxibustion." Moxibustion is known to strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of qi, and maintain general health. I have been looking for clinics or acupuncturists who perform both practices. Due to facility restriction, my previous acupuncturist was not offering moxibustion through his practice in his main clinic even though he was extremely caring, knowledgeable, and professional. A few months ago, I found Dr. Luan and I have been under her gentle care who performed both electro-acupuncture and indirect moxibustion treatments simultaneously in each sessions. Her treatments were very effective. After a few weekly visits to her clinic, I realized a significant difference. I rechecked my WBC, it was finally touching the low end of the healthy range. My blood circulation is better due to the improved 'qi' movement in my body. My hands and feet are not popsicles anymore. Any severely high stress environment and sleep deprivation can cause a series of health problems. Regardless how much health care and treatments one receives, a balanced diet and relaxed mind are essential to good health and strong immune system to help focusing and surviving a high stress environment. Thanks to my previous acupuncturist and Dr. Luan's professional advice, treatments, and her tireless listening to personal life issues, there is hope in life.

Patient, W. W.


IBD /Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn's Disease

Dr Luan,

I just want to write a few words to say thank you for taking care of my health for the last two and half months. I had a history of IBD (diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis 7 years ago and Crohn's this year). I understand the medical community thinks that there is no cure for this chronical disease. But I think accupuncture with Dr Luan really helped me manage my symptons and feel better. She is always very kind and encouraging and I feel the accupuncture can really make a difference in my life. She also gives me good advice on food and managing my stress. I feel that my health has a steady improvement in the last few months, and recently I achieved the goal of entering remission. I am going to continue to see Dr. Luan as I believe accupuncture is much better to control my IBD than to taking meds.




I went to see Dr. Jennifer Luan after 3 years of unexplained infertility with one miscarriage. All of my testing seemed to be fine, with the exception of an elevated FSH level and right pelvic pain. At our first consult, Dr. Luan and I sat and discussed my situation and she explained her thoughts on course of treatment for acupuncture that she felt would help me. We were going to work on balancing my hormones and of course my stress level!! After one month of treatment, my husband and I took a mini vacation and much to our surprise, came home to find out we were pregnant!!!! To say that we were incredibly thrilled would be an understatement!! Each and every visit with Dr. Luan was a wonderful experience, her expertise and knowledge in acupuncture were amazing, but more importantly was her compassion and caring nature. I always felt wonderful after a treatment with her. I had a wonderful pregnancy, but not so great labor and delivery. I had a C-section and had lost a lot of blood and was just not regaining my strength as quickly as I would have liked. On our son's first pediatrician appointment with Dr. Luan, she noticed that my color was not good and was very concerned for my well-being. After our son's first amazing appointment, where all had gone well, she asked if I had time to please come and see her for some acupuncture treatments. She knew how difficult it was with a newborn, but felt I could really benefit from some treatments. Sure enough, I made those appointments a priority and within a couple of months, I felt like a new person!!! My night sweats had disappeared and my color was back to normal!! I truly believe in Dr. Luan's work and would recommend her to everyone who might be considering acupuncture!!!! Sincerely,

Nancy Ann



Hi Dr. Luan Just wanted to say thank you for everything. My ivf was a success I'm 12 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. Thank you for all your help in helping me succeed to become pregnant.




My left ear was my only good ear throughout my entire life since I was diagnosed with 90% hearing loss in my right ear when I was young. This past year and a half, I was struggling with some severe hearing loss in my left ear. Doctors could not figure out what caused the sudden hearing deficiency in my left ear. I was desperately seeking solutions. I changed my diet and I tried to exercise daily, yet nothing seemed to help. My mother suggested I go see Dr. Luan about getting electro-acupuncture in an effort to help my hearing. After numerous sessions, I began to notice improvements in my hearing, both in my left and right ear. To this day, I routinely go to Dr. Luan for acupuncture sessions, even after the hearing in my left ear had been fully functional. Nowadays, Dr. Luan's acupuncture has helped me in other ways as well such as sleep deprivation and stress. I'm very thankful for Dr. Luan, her continued support for my overall health, and her acupuncture praetice. Click HERE to see before and after treatment results.


Before Treatment
Click to Enlarge

Before Treatmment
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Chronic Pain
Acupuncture is treating the effects of stress and pain that I nearly gave up on managing. I greatly value Dr. Luan's cheerful, optimistic manner and the results of her successful interventions. She is expertly trained in a medical tradition that western science is finally starting to understand. I strongly recommend her to anyone suffering from chronic conditions that limit any ability to enjoy the happiness of being alive.


My name is Arthur K, and I have been receiving weekly acupuncture from Dr. Luan for the past four months. I had been suffering from chronic neck pain I as a side effect of strong medication that I am currently taking. Dr. Luan's treatments have been very helpful in reducing my pain to a nearly undetectable level. She is a pleasant and competent physician who provides a clean and relaxing environment for her patients, and I recommend her highly to those seeking drug-free pain reduction or elimination.

Arthur K.


After experiencing a really bad pain on my shoulder and lower back, I tried to find a relief through chiropractic and physical therapy treatments, however nothing seemed to work. Right after my first acupuncture session, I was able to see that pain fading away. I am pretty sure that a qualified acupuncturist like Dr. Luan is able to provide health benefits which can potentially improve your overall condition."

Eduardo H.


After suffering a chronic pain in my neck for years, I finally decide to try acupuncture. After three sessions, my pain was gone. Dr. Luan is currently treating me for my migraines and weight, and I am already seeing results on both.

Michelle P.


Chronic Disease
When I was diagnosed with a chronic condition. I felt I had to seek other methods in preserving my health and well-being, especially since I am a mother of two young children. As a scientist, I really was skeptical of acupuncture in general, but at the same time, I felt that it has been in use for thousands of years and that something had to be behind it. I figured, "What have I got to lose?" That is when my search began for an acupuncture specialist. To my surprise, my insurance covers the service, I pay only a co-pay, and I am delighted to say that I have found the best possible professional in this field. It is rare that you find a person you can trust and confide in as both a friend and a professional and this is what I have found in Dr. Jennifer Luan. I am very pleased to be the patient of Dr. Luan, especially since she also has a medical background as a practicing pediatrician (MD), and I trust her and find her to be beyond competent. I have referred everyone I know at work and at home (my mother and father love her) to her office. She invites her patients in as friends and genuinely Cares for them and their health and well-being. I have never felt better and upon consulting with my regular physician for my re-check one year later, have been surprised and amazed at the benefit I have seen from the acupuncture she does for me. There has been an actual slowing of the progression of my chronic disease and I hope to continue this trend with the help of Dr. Luan. The benefits of acupuncture that I have experienced go far beyond the mere treatment of my condition. I have never felt so much energy, mental acuity, and even more importantly, hope that this is a way to hinder this incurable disease. I highly recommend Dr. Luan!

Karen B.


Rheumatoid Arthritis
After being diagnosed with immunosuppressive rheumatoid arthritis I entered into a world of swollen joints, pain, difficulty in rising from bed and sacrificing the activities I loved. I tolerated this for about 4 years looking for something, non-narcotic to ease the pain. As a physiologist I was skeptical in reviewing a multitude of treatments. Presently I take a monthly infusion to ward of future joint cartilage degeneration. Although the treatments have been working I was still experiencing joint pain and severe ringing in my ears. At the time I was seeing Dr. Jennifer Luan for my pain management. After being a weekly patient for over a year I can attest that the strongest medicine I take for pain is 600 mg of Advil. I teach and am lecturing 4-6 hours per day with little discomfort. However the ringing in my ears was a problem. I saw two very well respected ear, nose and throat specialists. Their unfortunate conclusion was that I would have to live with it. Being 64, they said…’it is a product of age.’ Needless to say I was not satisfied. I continued on to an audiologist to test the neurological components of my hearing and hearing loss, knowing that I was experiencing ringing in the ears. It is not so bad…until you want to sleep. Again, disappointed and not satisfied I told Dr. Luan about my dilemma. Dr. Luan started her acupuncture treatment. It was not until about two weeks that I started to feel relief. After 7 weeks my ringing subsided. I have been ring free now for about 3 months. My only regret was not informing Dr. Luan about my ringing ears. I attribute this success not only to Dr Luan’s treatments but also my continual weekly visits. Acupuncture is now the balance in my life.

Will K.


I want to thank you for the enormous impact you have had on my life. As an acupuncture patient for about one year, I can tell you that your treatments have given me a quality of life I have not experienced in years. The acupuncture eases pain, gives me mobility, stabilizes my blood pressure and reduces stress; but your genuine compassion. outstanding medical knowledge and true caring heals the soul. Thank you for all you do and the difference you make in peoples lives.

Lucy M.


During February of last year, I injured my back exercising and developed a very painful case of Sciatica. The pain that I experienced from this injury was at times excruciating. Following this injury, I could only stand or walk for a couple of minutes at a time before the pain would set in. The only comfortable position that I found to be pain-free was sitting. Even lying down, the pain was intolerable. I ended up having to abandon my bed and had to sleep at night on a couch in a reclining sitting position. Several days after the injury I scheduled an appointment with my medical doctor who put me on muscle relaxers for seven days. Showing no improvement after that time, I revisited my doctor who then put me on a seven day steroid treatment (Medrol Dose Pak) program. Following the completion of the steroid treatment program, my condition still hadn't improved. Researching alternative pain remedies, I found information that described acupuncture as being very effective in pain management. I spoke with my doctor regarding acupuncture and asked his opinion. He indicated that although he had no first-hand experience with the effectiveness of acupuncture for the treatment of pain, he was supportive of the approach. I chose Dr. Luan based upon her credentials and proximity to my home. Due to the severity of the injury, Dr. Luan advised me that she was going to treat me with electro-acupuncture. I received two treatments a week over a four week period. Following the completion of this treatment regimen, the pain had diminished to the point where I was able to stand, walk, and sleep in my own bed again, pain-free. I am still pain-free at this time. Dr. Luan using acupuncture, was able to effectively treat the pain that I was experiencing. Should there be a next time, I wouldn't hesitate to see Dr. Luan for acupuncture treatment.

Andrew L.


For the past 5 years, I have been suffering from unexplained infertility. Since the birth of my first child who was conceived naturally, I have not been able to get pregnant on my own. In addition, during this time of trying I have been diagnosed with stage II endometriosis, which doctors believe could be contributing to my infertility and painful menses. In the last five years I have undergone two unsuccessful IUI's, three IVF's and two FET's. During the last two fresh cycles of IVF I was able to get pregnant, but miscarried both times. After my first unsuccessful IVF my doctor recommended acupuncture as it increases blood flow to ovaries and the uterus and increases the chances of pregnancy. After Speaking with Dr. Luan on the phone I was very eager to start treatments to prepare me for next cycle of IVF. After second cycle of IVF with acupuncture I became pregnant with twins but miscarried at six weeks. I continued acupuncture as it helped me heal and relieve my stress. On my third round of IVF I also became pregnant, but one embryo resulted in ectopic and one in intrauterine pregnancy. I was very worried as I underwent surgery to remove my ectopic pregnancy. I was doing so well, with minimal morning sickness. Then at 21 weeks during my ultrasound I found out that my other baby heart stopped beating. I was devastated and could not believe this was happening to me. I started up acupuncture again because I strongly believe that it helps to regulate my my body and helps me stay positive. I am strongly convinced that it is acupuncture that helps me get pregnant through IVF. My doctors believe that my losses were result of just "bad luck". I have undergone extensive genetic testing and all tests came back negative. I believe that acupuncture helped me get back on my feet after all my pregnancy losses. It gives me more energy and hope. I strongly believe that acupuncture will help me make my dreams come true. As I am preparing for my next round of FET, I want to thank Dr. Luan for all her emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual support. She is definitely one who cares about people and their problems.

Joan W.


Overall Health
I can't say enough about the benefits i've gotten from my visits to Dr. Luan, but since there are so many I will list some of them: Migraines: suffered them for over 10 years: no more migraines for over a year now. Stiff neck: caused from a car accident 12 year ago: pain is gone. Cholesterol: decreased by 100 points over 2 months. Weight Lost: 20 pounds in four months, I still eat what I like but in less amount. I really feel like a new person, and will keep recommending her, because she has accomplished on me, what not one specialist could over the years.

Michelle P.


My son, Josh has gone to Dr. Luan since Spring 2012 for Acupunture Therapy. Josh has Aspergers (high-functioning autism) as his dx. After taking acupunture for few months, the school has reported that Josh is much calmer ( less melt down ), he is also less anxious. The after school program has also reported that he is much calmer and was able to play more appropriately with the other children. I also feel that he talks more intelligently and more fluently than before. I believe that acupunture has help my son. Josh has never taken any meds. Currently I only take him to acupunture and social skill group.


Neurological Diseases
By undergoing acupuncture treatment with Dr. Jennifer Luan, one receives the best of both worlds----exposure to an MD who is board certified in pediatrics and board certified in Medical Acupuncture (DABMA). Dr. Luan is extremely pleasant and courteous and is quite knowledgeable about all types of maladies and how to treat these from a western and eastern point of view. Her technique for inserting and removing needles is very soothing and comforting. There is absolutely no reason to be anxious. My wife has been suffering from a rare neurological disease and for the past year has been seeing Dr.Luan on a weekly basis. While Dr. Luan readily admits that she cannot provide a complete cure, her thoughtful treatments have delayed progression of the disease and given my wife the will and energy to fight on. Dr. Luan is very professional and never rushes you out of her clinic. On the contrary, Dr. Luan always takes the extra time to carefully listen to the patient's problems and formulate a corresponding treatment. Scheduling an appointment is super easy, and always on time. Dr. Luan also accepts many insurance. Highly recommended.



Dear Dr. Luan,
As I mentioned to you, I have had pain and tenderness under my left armpit since my Level 1 and 2 axillary lymph nodes were removed in 2011. After only two sessions of acupuncture, however, I noticed complete relief of these two symptoms. Even better, the minor swelling in that area as well as in my chest (which is not severe enough to be treated as lymphedema, but annoying nonetheless) is slowly but surely dissipating. Finally, even rigorous physical therapy was no help in relieving the tightness of the pectoral muscle on the left side, but I have noticed a decrease in the discomfort it causes me.

I had previously been told that I should not expect much improvement of any of these complaints, so I'm thrilled to my toes at the change.

Thank you. RLF


Eczema/10 year old
This is a retelling of my first time at Dr. Luan's acupuncture office. I was sort of scared, because I was supposed to get a bunch of needles stuck into me. But Mom had told me not to worry and that it didn't hurt a bit. Dr.Luan also informed that there were 4-year-olds who came to get acupunctures too so I thought that if a 4-year-old could do it so could I. So I got put onto a bed and given a bell to ring if anything happened. Then I got needles stuck into me: 2 in each of my legs, 3 in each of my arms, and 1 ON MY HEAD. It was sort of awkward but Dr.Luan was really comforting so I eventually relaxed. I was left alone in the room. I had brought a Playaway to listen to while I waited but it stopped working after a few minutes. So I was left with the soft, gentle classical music coming from what seemed like hidden speakers to occupy my attention.

After a while Dr. Luan came. She took out all the needles and took me to my mom's room. I listened blearily as they talked while Dr.Luan removed the needles.

I decided that I liked Dr.Luan. The way she calmed me. The way she talked to me like I was a grown-up



Asthma/Colds/ 7 year old

Hello, my name is Adrian P. and I am a patient of Dr. Luan Acupuncture. When I first went there I was a little scared, but then I got used to it. I hope if you go there you will like her too. Believe me, she takes great care of her patients, including me!


Swelling Legs

After staying at home for frustrating 4 weeks of endless waiting for the blood results and all sorts of exams for my swelling leg and ankles, I almost went nuts. One of my friends suggested me to give a try for acupuncture Desperate to make at least some form of progress or relieve the pains, that's exactly what I did. Very luckily, I found Dr. Luan. First, we chatted about my health history and what brought me to her office. Then she looked at my swelling leg and ankles and told me to lie down and relax. The needles were not scary at all. The day I had my acupuncture treatment done, my leg was not that woody anymore. When I woke up in the morning, I felt reasonably okay. After a couple sessions, my leg are definitely getting better - the swelling is fading away, and the muscle/tissue is not as hard as rock any more. I no longer feel the sharp pain during the night that used to bother my sleep. I can sleep well again!! I could put down my feet completely on the floor after I wake up in the morning. (before the acupuncture, I was not able to do that and found hard time walking especially in the morning.) During one of the sessions, I was experiencing monthly cramp. Dr. Luan added a few needles to help me feel much better and she told me that I would not feel the pain any more for the next month.

Dr. Luan is very nice and warm-hearted. She also has a very flexible schedule to meet the patient's request. Strongly recommended!




Dr. Luan is an extremely kind, caring, and gentle doctor. I began taking my seven year old son to her about six months ago for asthma and allergies. Before being treated by Dr. Luan, my son was constantly sick with bad colds and congestion, also missing a lot of school because of these symptoms. Since Dr Luan started treating him, he has probably been ill about two times, but never as severe as it was before, and he hasn't missed a day of school this year!! Dr. Luan has been a godsent because I have tried my best to find natural cures for my children without all of the side effects of drugs. Dr. Luan is very knowledgable and knows how to keep children calm and relaxed, even with needles involved! I would recommend anyone that wants to try acupuncture for themselves or their children, to give Dr. Luan a call!




Smoking Cessation

I went to Dr. Luan to have an Acupuncture treatment as I had a friend many years ago who stopped smoking with Acupuncture. I have tried “cold turkey”, and laser treatments and I went right back to smoking. I have smoked for over 30 years and I am really afraid that it will eventually lead to cancer. I have a family that I love and want to be here for and so I decided to do it all, acupuncture, hypnosis, and laser again all at the same time. I was determined to stop smoking although I loved it. No one loved smoking more than I did.

I made my appointment with Dr. Luan and scheduled for ten sessions to make sure I got the full treatment. After my first session in July , I have not smoked since. The first few weeks I felt a little urge I would go out and walk and breath deeply, then after a few weeks, if I felt like I wanted a cigarette I would breathe very deeply and the feeling was gone. Thank you Dr. Luan I really can’t believe that I am where I am with this. I am so happy that I am finally not smoking and not urging for a cigarette.



Hands/Feet Circulation

Over the last few years I had noticed that when winter set in, I used to be cold all the time. My husband used to comment that there were 2 versions of me.. a summer version (who was cheerful and optimistic) and a winter version (who was grumpy and frustrated and looked forward to spring desperately). I started seeing Dr. Luan during Fall 2013, who diagnosed me with poor blood circulation. Within 3-4 weeks of acupuncture, I noticed that there was considerable change in my health. My hands and feet were much warmer and I felt overall better. I am continuing my sessions with Dr. Luan for other health reasons and I am very happy to say that this winter (and the first big storm of the season) doesn't bother me anymore. In fact, I have been able to appreciate how beautiful everything looks outside. And yes, my husband has noticed that I am back to my normal cheerful self in sub zero weather :-) And now he has also started seeing Dr. Luan for his lower back pain (from a sports injury) that he has been suffering from for years. He is already seeing an improvement in less than a month! Dr. Luan genuinely cares for her patients and we highly recommend her for her expertise in the field of acupuncture.



Natural fertility/Migraine/Wrist Tendonitis/

At first I was skeptical when coming to acupuncture, but I had tried everything else to lessen the pain of my headaches. I was feeling desperate. I suffered from rebound headaches, but once I had detoxed from the medication I still couldn't pinpoint the source of my frequent headaches. After 2-3 acupuncture sessions, my headaches were occurring only once or twice a month versus daily. As I continued to visit the office for headache maintenance, it came up in conversation that I was having other physical issues that Dr. Luan could treat as well. She treated the tendonitis in my hands and wrists. The most significant change however, even more than the headaches, was that acupuncture regulated my highly irregular menstrual cycles. My husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for more than 6 months and were discouraged because there was no clear timeline. Not only did acupuncture regulate my periods, but within 3 months of regulating everything, I became pregnant. I think I had so much stress in my life I just didn't realized that it was taking such a toll on my body. Acupuncture seemed to reset my system and today I am feeling great and expecting a new baby. Thank you so much for helping me get back on track.



Pregnancy & Delivery

After seeing Dr. Luan prior to getting pregnant I returned to Dr. Luan at 37 weeks to help my body relax and prepare for delivery. After reaching full term and knowing my baby was a healthy size I was anxious to meet our baby. Dr. Luan performed acupuncture on me the day before my baby was delivered, at 38 weeks 5 days, and the night I got acupuncture i went into labor. I felt grounded and ready for delivery and had a very fast and safe natural childbirth.

k. McD


Chronic Diarrhea/Constipation/IBS

Dear Dr. Luan, What a perfect time of year to express our gratitude to you for helping heal our son of his Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Your acupuncture has been the only thing that has helped him. Before coming to you for acupuncture our lives were in a terrible state due to the severity of our son's IBS. We went to GI doctor's and it was test after test and antibiotics and more antibiotics, and he only got worse, then his IBS got so bad that he could no longer attend school. After his very first acupuncture treatment from you he felt better, it was amazing, one treatment and he felt so much relief. It has been over a year now that he has been coming to you and he is back in school, happy again, and on his way to complete wellness. To my amazement his other medical issues are getting better too, he has been having a substantial growth increase, he was in the low growth percentile and is now in a normal percentile. He used to have trouble falling asleep at night now he no longer does. Thank you for helping our son on his journey to good health, your kindness, gentleness, and genuine concern in helping him. We can see that you really do care about your patience. God Bless you! Happy Holidays too!

Sincerely, The Pisano family



I went to Dr. Luan after being diagnosed with exercise-induced amenorrhea and had been unresponsive to infertility drugs and frustrated by the entire infertility clinic process. I am a firm believer in a combination of Eastern and Western medicine and was looking for a more holistic approach (in addition to changes I was personally making to my lifestyle) to help me both get a more regular cycle and get pregnant. I saw Dr. Luan 1x per week for approximately 6 months before conceiving naturally with my husband. My husband also saw Dr. Luan for approximately 2 months prior to us conceiving. What I found through acupuncture was so much more than any infertility Dr. could offer me. Dr. Luan genuinely cared about my well-being and her consultations prior to the treatment were assessing my overall well-being. I found myself craving each session, my stress far lower and my general outlook and optimism over everything much more positive. Dr. Luan truly believed in what she was doing and how it could help me and it did. I feel that I cannot thank Dr. Luan enough for the past year. When I was most torn down and feeling like I might never be pregnant (I was convinced by infertility doctors I would need IVF), Dr. Luan didn't give up on me and kept me positive and without her I truly believe my husband and I wouldn't have conceived naturally and that we wouldn't be holding our sweet baby girl as quickly as we did.


Essential Tremors

In December 2014, I made my first appointment with Dr. Luan for acupuncture and it has transformed my life. Initially, I went for pain from injuries incurred in a car accident and surgery. However, as I began to improve I shared with her my struggles with weight, hot flashes, migraines, insomnia and essential tremors. Almost a year later, I have minimal discomfort from those injuries; the insomnia, migraines and hot flashes are practically gone! Losing weight was a challenge because I was always hungry, while eating one meal I was always thinking about the next one. I had uncontrollable cravings, no wonder I couldn’t lose weight! Additionally, I had no energy or desire to exercise. I am thrilled to say my cravings are completely gone! To date I am eating healthier (lifestyle changes) not dieting and exercising. I have lost 16 pounds with more to follow. However, all these successes cannot compare to my biggest challenge essential tremors or often referred to the “shakes”. I have had tremors since my late teen years and people have commented on them since my late twenties, which has been very embarrassing. Needless to say as I aged the tremors worsened. Well not anymore! With Doctor Luan’s experience and expertise I can barely notice them. Most recently, someone said “you know you don’t shake anymore!” All I can say is Doctor Luan is amazing and a huge blessing in my life. She has helped me transform my life. My suggestion to you is try acupuncture with Dr. Luan. Not only is she an expert at her skill but has unmatched bedside manner as well.

A. Adams



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